Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Blogging About Blogging

Admittedly, being a food blogger is a pretty amazing gig. In my year and a half of growing into my gluten and dairy-free blog, I've greatly expanded my horizons, discovering new products and restaurants that have made life with dietary restrictions an adventure instead of a burden. While I have found plenty of good eats along the way, my blog has stuck to its roots of being a restaurant and product review blog. 

While I've had plenty of fun taste testing, I have always wanted to delve behind the scenes of the reviews to share more about my life as a young adult and college student with dietary restrictions. Living on my own for the first time this past year, I've learned plenty of tips and tricks that have helped me navigate the transition from gluten-free teen to adult, and I would love to have a forum where I can dish those up.

Thus the creation of this "blog within a blog": Sidebar. While not one in the same with my main blog Eating Out Without Gluten and Dairy, it will be an outlet through which I can share my thoughts beyond just where and what I eat. I want to be a better advocate for the gluten-free community, share thoughts on gluten-free news, and have a space where I can express my successes and challenges with being gluten-free and fighting chronic illness.

With no clear plan, I know Sidebar will need to find its footing in the next few weeks, but I hope at the least you'll join me and join the conversation and share your thoughts. I believe we all benefit with shared understanding, and hope this is a forum through which mutual experiences can create a shared community. Thank you, reader, for reading this and for following along my gluten-free journey.

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