Friday, January 1, 2016

2015: The Year Of The Taco... And Other Year-End Musings

Over on the main blog, you've probably seen the parade of year of posts that have sprung up over the past few days. I love recapping the blogging year that was with a rehashing of the best of my favorite restaurant and product reviews. It helps me to take a step back and realize just how awesome it is that there are restaurants and companies both big and small working hard to make the world a whole lot tastier for gluten-free eaters. 

This year I have been able to enjoy time in both Baltimore and Orlando. Going forward, I will be transitioning to spending more time in Baltimore, as I will be spending the summer in the city to take advantage of academic opportunities such as internships and on-campus employment. While I will report on Orlando whenever I make my way back into to city, I look forward to more opportunities to explore Maryland and nearby Washington D.C. in the coming year.

In recapping the year, I jokingly christened 2015 as the "year of the taco" because I was able to taste my way though dozens of versions of the Mexican delicacy over the months. It represents my tastes evolving and the joy of discovering new foods that are naturally gluten-free and endlessly versatile.

Unlike many others at the beginning of the new year, I am not one for making resolutions. It's just not my style to make grandiose pronouncements to dramatically change my life in the coming year. Instead, I op for refocusing on the things that matter: good health, good food, and remaining vigilant about maintaining a truly gluten-free diet. It's easy to get too excited about new or newly gluten-free foods only to fall victim to misleading labels or poor quality control by a company. As I look forward to all of the delicious eats sure to come out next year, I also approach the year with a bit of weary caution, as there have sadly been multiple examples of gluten-free gone wrong this year. Nevertheless, I don't want fear of gluten to control my life, and refuse to fall victim to the fear mongering often seen on social media surrounding gluten.

Other goals I have is to eat off the beaten path more. If the "year of the taco" has taught me anything is that eating ethnic food is a great antidote to the American diet because they are so often less processed, less sweet, and less dependent on gluten-containing ingredients. I want to get out of my comfort zone and explore in my own Baltimore back yard and beyond. While I don't know for sure where my travels might take me, I know there are promises of North Carolina and New York City on the horizon. Last, but definitely not least, I hope in the new year I can continue to balance being a busy college student and blogger. While it's not easy, I love how food is a fun diversion from the stresses of collegiate life and in turn, writing reviews has helped me strengthen my writing stamina.

Hope 2016 brings you happiness, good health, and good eats. What food(s) did you fall in love with this year and what are you looking forward to this year? Comment below! 

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